photographed by Matty Vogel

photographed by Matty Vogel

There are very few people who possess the quality that is seemingly inexplicable. One who involuntarily falls into that category is Kenny Holland - a singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. After beginning his musical journey with piano lessons at age 8, he would find his origin as a performer playing for tips at local frozen yogurt shops by age 14. At age 16 he released his first single entitled “So What” which was later released on his debut album “Heart & Keys” as he built a local following.

Later in his career he began gaining the attention of industry professionals & creating a loyal fanbase through the phenomenon of social media and today Kenny’s supporters number in the millions. Through artistic exploration, he released a fresh style of music with his widely known track “Lifeline” at age 20, followed by a number of other experimental projects, including debuting his acting career as lead role in the in the feature film “Saturday’s Warrior”.

Kenny has performed in front of sold out audiences nationwide, sharing the stage with Demi Lovato, Aaron Carter, Rae Sremmurd, The Summer Set, and The Rocket Summer, among others.

After a rapid rise in the industry, today he finds himself focusing on his roots & honing his craft as a piano-pop songwriter with the release of his latest EP, “Begin Again”.

Where a lack of realness & emotion is found in pop music is today, Kenny fills that gap with his poetic lyrics & unique style of instrumentation. Continually growing, creating, & surprising, there seems to be no limit to the future of this unparalleled & insatiable artist.